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A note from Gloria Diehl Farbstein:

Mrs. Farbstein remembers part of a song that the children sang in approximately 1932-1935 in September of the school year. Here's what she remembers:

It's now bright September; Our schools are gathered in.

There's work for each member; We're ready to begin.

We all love the singing that starts the happy day

With our glad voices ringing we found that work is play...

She said there is more to the song, including something about apple orchards, but she can't remeber the words. If there is any reader who remebers the song (or can find it online) she would appreciate if you would let us know--Kibler School, 6495 Pohopoco Drive, Lehighton, PA 18235.
Greenzweig School Stabilized

With the permission of the Kuehner family, Paul Hoppel, Roy Christman, Karl Rolappe, and Guy Seifert installed plywood on the broken windows at the Greenzweig School on Church Road in Trachsville. Mr. Seifert used his bucket truck to reach the Palladian window above the vestibule. The school has almost no weatherboards left, but it is in surprisingly good shape otherwise.

Artifacts donated

Among the recent acquisitions are two that deserve special mention. Ricky Waibel donated the complete set of minutes of the Towamensing Township School Authority. The minutes, in a leather embossed cover, detail the workings of the group in charge of finances for the school on Route 209--the one that replaced the township one-room schools.

In addition, Nancy Hahn Clapper provided a picture of Greenzweig students in 1948, reproduced below.

Row 1: Ralph Christman, Charles Furry, Larry Smith, Frank Hessinger, James Shafer, Russel Furry, Gurney Berger, Richard Beers, Charles Snyder

Row 2: Marveline Costenbader, Mary Dunbar, Gladys Hahn, Lois Buck, Nancy Hahn, Dolores Anthony, Larue Eckhart, Peggy Stout

Row 3: Herman Green, Willard Beer, Alice Bennet (the teacher), Dris Meitzler, Alice Eckhart, Sylvia Bartholomew

Row 4: Richard Graver, Richard Bollinger, Richard George, Tommy Bollinger, Edwin Hessinger, Norman Sheckler, ? Jennings

And remember...

Kibler School is open to the public every Sunday between 1 and 3 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


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